Powerful Recombinant Protein Expression and Recovery

Acetylcholinesterase with His-tag, (human), (recombinant)


AT1002                                                                                    1 mg                  3,350.00 USD

Paraoxonase mutant 1 with His-tag, (human), (recombinant)


AT1008                                                                                   1 mg                  1,400.00 USD

Paraoxonase 1 mutant fused to antibody fragment sc-Fv (human), (recombinant)


AT1009                                                                                   1 mg                 1,800.00 USD

Acetylcholinesterase with His-tag, (guinea pig), (recombinant)


AT1021                                                                                   1mg                  3,350.00USD

Acetylcholinesterase with His-tag, (mouse), (recombinant)


AT1026                                                                                   1 mg                2,275.00 USD

Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase with His-tag, (human), (recombinant)


AT1043                                                                                   1 mg               4,500.00 USD


  • Call for details on available lots; including purity and specific activity.

  •  Protein expressed using baculovirus in insect larvae.

  •  Protein is mutation or truncated version of native protein; call for specific details                                         on modification / sequence.

  • All orders are shipped in dry ice; price per mg does not include shipping charges.

For more information on availability, specific lot information

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